Friday, October 8, 2010

The Nasty Internet is a strange place!

First, there are these things called "Search Engines" that are supposed to help you find things on the Internet. They all have weird names like "Yeah!", "WitchFind", and "MosquitoSearch"!

Crazy stuff!

    Then, when you finally start searching for something, it gets REALLY crazy...

The other day, I was searching for Internet sites about "growing" (it was for a work project). I went to a search engine and typed in the word. The results were just plain wacky! The first result was a page for "Sheepishly Battery-powered Spiders". I just shivered and ignored that page.

The next page was even crazier, though. It was an advertisement for a store selling muddpuddle brown diapers. It had a picture of a flipping weiner dog holding up a sign saying: "We have the best sneezes in the world!"

    The next site was the official Fizzy Milky Way Website, which I didn't think had ANYTHING to do with what I was looking for. The last site listed was for a restaurant that claimed to have "The most delicious fried frog legs this side of NerverLand".

    Needless to say, none of this was any help at all.

Finally, I ended up just going down to the library and looking up the information in an old set of encyclopedias.

    What a crazy place the Internet is!

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