Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Networkers! Do you all have a regular schedule and stick to it, same same, every day, or do you have a plan that you stick to?

Hi Friends,
I have a BIG PROBLEM! I need your help to solve it. Would you mind helping out a little bit? I would appreciate comments and tips that you are able to hand over to me, and I might think about them to get to some type of conclusion about this issue.
I try to have a plan while I am working.
... But then again; it is hard to stick to it. I am way off too creative, while I am surfing the Internet. Ideas popping up in my mind all the time. There's so much I want to do, so I try to get the ideas down in writing... for later use, maybe!? Some of my notes I may actually be doing the right thing with, by simply completing them, working them out, and I have used and made things and stuffs out of my ideas before.

But, what do I do with this feeling, that is boiling inside of me? That one, you know... that is coming over the edge anytime now... How to calm it down? Creativity plus spontanious emotions combined, isn't a childs game! Not for me! I take my emotional life VERY seriously!

So, what do I do?
I do safe lists (irregularly) and ad boards (irregularly), and trying out some type of articles and blogging (also irregularly). I do videos, ads, promotions, blogging, articles, websites, radio shows, oh... what more? I can't even keep track of all that I do in a day...? But, it seems like I get bored with it. Or maybe I am too hard on myself, when I don't beleive it's good enough for reading? I don't know...

How do I feel and think about myself?
I am maintaining better, if I am able to be spontanious, all through and through. I don't really know how to have a plan that would work for me? Even though I use Microsoft Outlook and the use of reminders. It get so far sometimes that I don't even want to open up my Outlook!! (Then it is bad! Oh boy!...) That is very stressing.

I hate to be restricted!
THAT get me so stressed!! You can not imagine what it is doing to me?! Heart pumping and beating so hard and fast, pulse speeds up so I can not breathe. Sometimes I get panic attacks. It is HORRIBLE! But when I can do whatever I do, spontaniously, I feel more joy.

Do you have any tips?
How I can get better of managing all I have to do,
without getting stressed and heart beaten?

Talk to you soon.
Take care now.

Mia is solving problems...

Mia Hienovirta

PS. I worked on a new website yesterday, that I call; "MLM4U - My talking site!". Are you interested in checking it out for me? I am unsure if I am done with it, or if it need more content? Again, my insecurity gets hold of me. I haven't dared to send it out yet. I haven't dared! I'm affraid it will be a flopp. Total disaster! So much work, all for nothing? Oh oh...

Message me if you would be interested in checking it out for me.
Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Mia, This is the number issue why people fail on the internet. I was a victim of that and I'm actually still healing.

    You have to stick to PLAN...



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