Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today have been a busy day, but informative!

I've been surfing around widely, all around. Reading and looking at various kind of videos. Trying to learn something new, but hey - there is so much to learn!? How can one manage all of this information? That is a question that's been circling in my head lately...

I am in no position to re-cap all of my day today, so I just go spontaniously of what I've been experienced. First of all, I tried to get hold of some trafic information about my domain PrylensWeb International, and how it is managing. So I visited Alexa pageranking, off course. That led to that I installed Alexa toolbar and took "The Alexa Toolbar Tour".

* Search the Web and other resources directly from your toolbar.
* Learn about Web sites including traffic information and contact info.
* Surf more efficiently with Related Links for each page.
* Share opinions about sites with other users.

Web Search; The Alexa Web Search is a whole new way to search the web. Begin by typing your search term into the box then press enter. You will be transported to a world of behind-the-scenes information about each site on the web. Don't waste time sifting through lousy sites. Use the Alexa Web Search and know before you go.

Site Info; Alexa's exclusive Site Information allows you to peer behind the scenes of each site on the web. Get access to contact information, site stats and user reviews of web sites. Plus you can even write your own reviews.

Related Links; Alexa's Related Links are a great way to discover new sites. As you surf the web, the toolbar is constantly updating with information about where other users visit.

The Wayback Machine; Having trouble getting access to your favorite site, or want to see what it looked like in the past? The Wayback Machine can transport you back in time to see archived copies of your favorite sites. Click the Wayback button, select a date, and go!

Hot Pages; Find out what websites Alexa Toolbar users are looking at right now. The list is updated every five minutes.

Write Reviews; Review your favorite sites and let others know what you think.

With over 10 million downloads, the Alexa toolbar is a sure winner.
Whether you are new to the web, or a savvy surfing pro, this is the tool for you. What are you waiting for?

System requirements:
Internet Explorer: 6.0 or newer

Firefox: 3.0.4 or newer.

It is always good to learn new things. Or what do you think? Waste of time and effort? (No, I can not possibly agree.)

Well, what's next? Let's try out this Alexa toolbar, and see what's coming up. I will try the searchterm "Internet Marketing", just for fun, to see what's coming up. I will note take any notice of Wikipedia-searches or Sponsored Links.

.... searching...

1. How to Make Money Online by Starting an Internet Business...
2. Internet Marketing - How To Start And Grow Your Internet Business
3.Internet Marketing and Web Site Advertising and Marketing Services

Well, looks alright to me! I will have to invetigate these results a little further more, but later, on my own. If you want to check these results out, you can click here.

Well. After all, I do recommend to install this toolbar, if you are interested in websites, even your own website, and how they are managing out there in Internet Land. I find this type of research quite fun and time killing. Suddenly, when I look up again, 2 hours flied away, just like that? What...? Oh boy, this is very engaging stuff, people. It's consume all of one's attention and time! - Beware!

Thank you for reading this post. I'd appreciate if you put a backlink for me on your own blog, if you've got one. And please, leave me a comment, will you?

Have a great day!

Mia Hienovirta

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