Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is critical you understand the Fundamentals of Online Marketing, BEFORE you start marketing

You do not see them but they are everywhere, some probably right in your own neighborhood. It is a business in which common people can invest a small sum of money and rise to staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom.

In Network Marketing, we have our initial start up costs anywhere from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Where most network marketers fail is they feel that they don't need a marketing budget for advertising, they don't seek out the education required to succeed.

One of the important things to remember is, you are in a real business, you no longer have a boss holding you accountable. Your network marketing success or failure is dependent upon you and your actions.

Your primary task will be to gathering customers for your products or services. To help and assist others get started in their own business partnered with you. You are looking at a business model that will take 3 to 5 years to produce the kind of results you are looking for.

Think about it; no one likes to have a salesman or woman come to the door and sell them products. We hate to go to the automobile dealers, where we are swarmed with 5 different sales people all trying to get you to buy from them right!

Pitching to a prospect is just like a first date. The point is to get a second date and maybe a long-term relationship out of it and many of the same rules apply.

Don't puke your opportunity in people's faces!
(It's not really that attractive as you may think...)
The link in chat says:
"mia, you need to see this... and then there is that link.

... And my ideas of actions intended to deal with a question raised for consideration or the combination of circumstances at this given time by clicking on this link, made this result, and it made me very sad:

(I am not accepting anything from this sender no more.)

You do NOT want to do your marketing like this!!
This way will NOT get you any leads. No connection, what so ever.

Here is your chance to spark some kind of connection, like below.
Try it, you may find it enjoyable. I know I do! I love all of my many friends and other connections around the world that I have made. Try it for a week, and see how you feel about this approach:
"Hello, My name is [Your Full Name] and I am [Your Working Title] as my profession.

How are you doing?
I hope you are doing great.

Oh, I have to tell you...
Today something funny happened to me...




Please, let me know something more about you.
I want to get to know you better.

Talk to you soon.
Have a great day."


Why do I want to click links given to me in chat?
Because I want to be able to check out things online. That is what I do.
What is this website about? Maybe get some ideas that can learn me something more? Something new, something interesting. Something that I did not know about before. If I do not check out things online, how am I able to keep myself updated? There are tons and tons of information online, that will make many people to feel overwhelmed. Yes, I know. It has happended to me also.

Are you doing your marketing like this? Or are you doing it like the picture above?
(That way will get you to die in marketing.)

I would like for you to really, really think about this approach of marketing. In a serious manner! It is not a good one. So, change your marketing style now. I can help you to learn how to do it the right way if you join in my Master Mind Team. YOU are going to be the winner in the end. I promise!

Remember; Do not puke in people's faces!
(If you do not understand what I mean by this; I am notable to help you at this moment.)
That is really all you need to have in your mind, when you are doing you marketing.

Thank you for reading this post.
I hope you'll return for my next post.

Mia Hienovirta

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