Monday, October 18, 2010

Study for Screaming Mind; Automatic Self-Portrait with Incidental Component...

As usual I have been hanging around over at Facebook. That's my place to be. It really is. While I was looking at the wall, after I've been posting my status message, that went something like this:  

"Today, is just "one of those days of mine"... you know; when I have so much to do, but feeling that the time is NOT co-operating with me. Ideas are flowing over in my brain, time is spanking my nerves and I just don't know in which direction I'll turn next. I did a video today. Yes, a "real" video, but I'm not sure it's something that is showable online? I had just woke up... looking like a living dead talking on it."

All of a sudden, only a few minutes after I've posted my status - I see my SIC (Second Income Coach) friend Nathalie Villeneuve posting a new video. Oh my goddess, GUESS what she's talking about?
The "2 Minute Rule"!!

Well, as spontanious and CRAZY as I am myself, I responded TOTALLY spontaniously to her video, by shooting a "quick video", and I'm telling you;  
I'll have to go and spank myself after this embarrassing moment... for sure... never come online live again!...
(Please, don't kill me!?)

I better go and get some dinner - before i die of shame...

If you're still here (after watching this video) and would like to connect with me... Please, do take 2 minutes more of your time, and sign up to Second Income Coach right here. You will be able to join in the Family, learn all you need to learn about marketing, and get the chance - your own chance - to start making videos similar to this one, or whatever that your imagination allows you to do!

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  1. Mia, I thought your video was very good! Just be yourself the creatrive and Artistic person that you are!


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