Monday, September 20, 2010


Success on any major scale requires that You accept responsibility. The one quality that all successful people have is their ability to take on responsibility. You must choose the thoughts and actions that will lead You on to success. Nothing will happen by itself. It can all come Your way, once You understand that You have to make it come Your way, by Your own exertions. Find Your pathway to success and begin Your journey. Your life will become what You make of it. The golden opportunity You are seeking lies within You. It's not in Your environment. It's not in luck or chance, or the help of others. It's in You alone. Opportunity is all around You. And if the door of opportunity is closed, You must keep on knocking on it, and keep on knocking on it until it opens. You'll develop Your opportunity by applying persistence to Your possibilities. Success won't come to You, You must go to it. Become an opener of doors.

Redefine your idea of success before it is too late. Start focusing on one task, seeking one person, at the time. Success is within an individual’s control: namely, "your mind and your attitude". 

You absolutely must have passion for what you do and who you serve. On some level, your work should satisfy your intellectual and emotional needs. If it does not, no amount of marketing is going to help you. Your heart will not be in it and your marketing efforts will be in a very painful manner. Your prospects will see through your efforts as well. 

Anyway, life's too short not to go after what you want. Find meaning, purpose and passion about your work and you will be unstoppable… no matter how the economy is performing.
You have to have commitment to your work. The importance of persistence is obvious. Any specific piece of work required to be done as a duty, takes time and effort. 

While you will find success at the end and lots of interesting information, helpful people and a variety of leads along the way, there will unavoidably also be doors that close, dead ends and likewise some un-helpful people. When and if you stumble (and we all do), it is the ability to pick yourself up and keep going, that will get you to your goal. 

It seems corny to say “never give up” - but in truth - being persistent and holding on to the belief that things will become reality, is one of the most important qualities for success in network marketing.

54% of Americans live pay check to pay check, barely getting by and are one financial problem away from money trouble. 

Another 15% are what calls “further-in-debtors” - people who are going backwards financially every month. 

So between these two groups - almost 70% of people are either struggling or going backwards, financially. 

What makes these results so perplexing is the fact, that the principles to succeed in managing your money are pretty simple. They are both easy to understand and few in number. You do not have to be Einstein to succeed financially - anyone with normal intelligence and a bit of self-control can prosper. 

You have probably heard of  The Pareto principle”, also known as the “80-20 rule”, “The law of the vital few”, and “The principle of factor sparsity”, states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Success is relative throughout the world. In biblical times a man's success was judged by the size of his herd of cattle. 

Success is cause to come to know personally. Success in my opinion is the ability that has been acquired by training, whatever that the action of accomplishing something may be. Entrepreneurs who are enjoying the fruits of their efforts agree that success in business requires skill, resources and positive behaviour. 

Is a state of prosperity all hard work? 
No, many who work with great effort find success eluding them. Applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading) will have you to grow intellectually, mentally and emotionally. The cognitive process of acquiring skills and knowledge is some part of the total totality. 

Is it charm and personality? 
It may be for some and it may be short lived. Of course, it always helps to be pleasing or delighting and have a strong personality.

Can everyone be successful? 
To some extent yes - as true success means a life bringing sense of satisfaction and well being, celebrity status or riches may be success or it may be luck not bestowed on all who strive for such. 

Do you have to have special talent to be successful? 
It helps, but it is not something that is required in advance. Something that is required in advance is you and your approach to life. Some say, we have a choice to be happy or be miserable. I think there some truth to such claims; unfortunately, many do not realize the choice is available to us. 

Before we can understand the motives and behaviour of others and become that successful entrepreneur we wish to be, it is necessary to look at our inner self.

Success is characterized as highly generalized, useful everywhere from the urban street corner to the boardroom. 

Thank you for your time. 
Enjoy your day!

Mia Hienovirta - Nasty™

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