Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't sit on your dreams! - The sooner you start acting the sooner you can make your dream a reality!

Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-orientated behavior. We live in an age of Instant; coffee, foods, information. It is no wonder instant gratification tugs at us so forcefully. But some things, the really important or significant things in life, are usually not instant. 

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

To become a motivational leader, you start with motivating yourself and as you move progressively toward its realization, you motivate and enthuse others to work with you to fulfill that vision. The power has - and always will be - within you, but nothing will happen until you get and stay motivated to make something happen, to change your life and achieve your desires. Motivation is not a product of external influence; it is a natural product of your desire to achieve something and your belief that you are capable to do it. 

Positive pleasure-oriented goals are much more powerful motivators, than negative fear-based ones. The right combination of both, is the most powerful motivating mix. Start with visualizing clearly and model the feelings you will experience when you achieve it. Walk mentally the path towards this success and model your feelings at different milestones on the way. Assign a high priority to the task. Do what you love to do. Find your true passion. Do what you love to do - to make a difference! 

8 Basic Personal Needs that Motivate
  1. Belonging – being a part of a group provides you with a sense of comfort, security and partnership.
  2. Achievement – gives your life purpose, reinforces your self-esteem.
  3. Advancement – makes you feel successful; expands your personal and professional skills, knowledge and abilitie.
  4. Power – increases your authority. (Freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities)
  5. Responsibility – increases respect, both for the person given responsibility and for the person who delegated it.
  6. Challenge – drives you to grow mentally and emotionally.
  7. Recognition – having others to know your achievements motivates your future actions.
  8. Excellence – doing an excellent job - is a reward in itself.
Every person has a greater potential than they are exhibiting and as a leader, it is your responsibility to maximize their potential and performance and the results of each member of your team. Creativeness often consists of turning up what is already there. To turn people on you must first - find out what they really want - and then, show them how to get it.

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Mia Hienovirta

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