Thursday, August 12, 2010

Add Your Biz - Nasty™ SIC Team's Rotator Stats 12/8-2010

Hello you all crazy peoploe out there! How is it going for you? Are you fgetting anything done? I really hope so, because I have my plate full over here! No lack of work on this side of the screen, I'd tell ya! I have more than enough to do!

I just wanted to put out some quick informnation about my Nasty™ SIC Team's Rotator Stats here, for people to know, but mostly for my Team to check out, how they are doing. So, here they are...

Add Your Biz - Nasty™ SIC Team's Rotator Stats: 12/8-2010 46 49 46 43 0 (Disabled) 49 50 46 45 0 (Disabled) 55 0 (Disabled) 42 50 51 43 42 (Disabled 12/8-2010) 41 43 51 41 58 35 27 32 33 22 15

If you'd like to join in the Team, just follow the link in the end of this video!

Have a great day
and thank you for your time, reading my blog!

Mia Hienovirta - Nasty™
Skype: miawillberg

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