Friday, April 2, 2010

I might have to delete all of my blog, to start all over from scratch...?

In that case, I will move place also.
Because I miss the function, to be able to upload audiofiles.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! The most successful people in life, are the ones with the best information. People with power, are people who know, how to get things done. Knowing how to do something, is sometimes virtually the same, as having done it. Knowledge will come to you, when your eyes and mind are always open. There is no knowledge, that is not power. Power, is the product of understanding. You will build the power to accomplish your goals, by educating yourself. This power, comes from knowing how to do something. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I have to fix my "issue", before I can fix yours!

I did a test of what type of a cafe person I was (or something similar?) and this is the result of that test:

You Are Reflective

  • During your downtime, you like to think about the world around you and develop theories.
  • You secretly wish that you could be a more knowledgeable person. There are a dozen things you'd like to get your PhD in.
  • You feel easily overwhelmed and tired by the world. You can only get by if you are patient and take problems one at a time.
  • You get inspired by stories - both true and fiction. The ups and downs of other people's lives motivate you and interest you.

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