Monday, April 12, 2010

How to not do it when you send out messages!

Today, I got this message sent to me in one major community online. Are you doing it like this also? If you are - you should really, absolutely, right now and not a second later, STOP IT! Have a look...  this is exceptionally bad and displeasing!


From: Gregory A. Finley Jr.  -  April 12 at 2:17am.
Hey i wanna ask you a question? Would $1000-$2000 extra a month be a blessing to you!! you can earn this money with working 8 hrs a week without having to step foot out of your home do me a favor visit this website fill out the info and i will call you with some details about this oppurtunity this has blessed my life i was able to quit both of my jobs and do this full time check it out God bless

- Oh my Goddess!... What can I say?... Here comes my respons to this message...

Hello Gregory!

I'd like to give you a few good 'proposal for an appropriate course of action':

First of all; I do not like it when people puke and throw up their 'opportunities'  right up in my face! - This is not how you should do it!

Secondly; you really should have tried to connect with me, before you just made this major mistake that you just did! - Yes, this was a huge mistake!

Thirdly; you really should look over your acts of creating written works and your skills in this area, because it is really hard to read your messages, when you are not giving the 'reader' any chance to catch their breath, once in a while. - You need to make use of dots and commas in your writings.

Fourthly; You should really get yourself a domain or a cloaker. Your link tells a lot about you and your Internet Marketing skills. - You are in your beginnings, I can tell this only by looking at your link!

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Have a great day!

That's it, folks!
Let this day be a blessing to you all!
If you know me - you know where to find me!

Mia Hienovirta
aka Nasty™

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