Saturday, January 17, 2009

When people are nasty, it gets everybody's attention, and it gives them a name...

I am so mad tonight!

So angry. I'm boiling!
It eats me up - from the inside.

- You wonder "why"...
(- I wonder "why" too!)


What is the Purpose of a Belief?
"There are two different ways you can live your life. The first way is to observe nature and then construct a belief around it. This is still currently the way we receive information in school; it is what operates most prevalently in people's lives. The problem with this approach is that it leads to a form of living that convinces us that we are not responsible for anything that happens in our lives. This approach also leads to the idea that we cannot change things in our lives.

The second way is the opposite – you decide what you want to believe and later find the evidence of this belief in nature. Does this sound strange to you? Maybe not, maybe you already have shifted your consciousness into this new way of thinking."

[Earlier today, twitter...]
I'm so disappointed at one of my daughters...
I caught her trying to steel money from me! -
Oh my oh my...

This blog post is nothing more
than a frustrated tryout from myself
- to solve a bunch of different problems.

[... reading from "Numerology Mini Reading for Nasty"]
"You are a trustworthy, practical and down to earth individual who places ethics above materialism and greed. You are a humanist at heart, and your life path focus is usually related to manifesting the greater philosophical ideals into practical reality. For this reason your expectations of yourself and others are unusually high.

You are a doer, more than a talker and nothing annoys you more than an individual that does not follow through on what he or she says he is going to do. You don't suffer fools gladly and have no problem swiftly eliminating people who you consider being a liability from your life. You especially have no tolerance for silly, neurotic or shallow people."

What the hell should I do??
I am so disappointed, so frustrated, so angry!
But - I know, I'm going to take it, I'm going to solve it. One way or the other. I just know it. It is like it's my life path to solve these problems that comes along my way, all the time, one after the other. Never rest, never be quiet. Never feel completely peaceful in mind. It is my "life path" to go...

Thank you for your time.
I really don't want to bather you, but you make the choice yourself to read this S**t I'm writing.
Thank you anyway, for reading my stuff...

[... continuing reading "The Principles of Successful Manifesting"]

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