Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Recommendation; To make money!

Question: "How can the Hits4Pay Affiliate Builder Program help me get more referrals and earnings from my Hits4Pay program?"

Hits4Pay Affiliate Builder program is designed to bring new referrals under me without any effort from my part. The Affiliate Builder Program is the easiest way for Hits4Pay Affiliates to build a large referral. Here's why...
  1. Hits4Pay main domain receives tens of thousands of visitors per day.
  2. Traffic coming in to Hits4Pays main domain is re-directed to their Affiliate Builder Program subscribers.
  3. Any signups that I receive from this traffic goes under my group.
  4. I make money every time my referrals read emails from Hits4Pay up to 2 levels.
Question: "How Does It Work?"

The main Hits4Pay domain, plus several other domains that they setup to funnel traffic to Hits4Pay, gets tens of thousands of visits per day! Hits4Pay attracts traffic using several methods:

1. Search Engines
2. Email Marketing
3. Banner placements
4. Forums
5. Paid traffic
6. Sponsorship Ads
7. SEO White hat methods
8. Press releases
9. Article promotion
10. CPA Networks
11. Classified ads
12. Offline newspaper ads
13. Cross promotion
14. Joint Ventures, etc...

The Affiliate Builder Program places my affiliate link on rotation every time someone visits the Hits4Pay website or the other domains set up to boost traffic to it.
This way all members who joined Hits4Pays Affiliate Builder Program will get traffic and referrals everyday - without even lifting a finger!

So when the traffic starts flowing in, my link will be shown instead of their main Hits4Pay link. It's as simple as that! Nice huh? That's why You should join Hits4Pay right now. You can find a link to join below, in my list of Downline Builders.


When you are sure, you are on the right road to success, you do not have to plan your journey too far ahead. Do not burden yourself with doubts and fears - as to the obstacles - that may bar your progress. You do not need to know, all your answers in advance. Just have a clear idea, of the goal you want to reach. You can only take - one step at a time. If you can muster up the courage to begin with, you will find the courage to succeed. It is the job you never start - that always takes the longest - to finish. 80% of success, is in showing up. Think of that!

Yack, bad picture!...

I am attending a webinar tonight, about "How to make money on Facebook". There is always something I can learn, by going to these webinars. I love them! The format suites me very well. (I hope some of my friends on Facebook are reading my blog and see this?) But mostly, they are not at a very suiteble time for me... or acually for other people from my part of the world. Really, they are not nightowls like I am. The webinars are mostly held between 2-3 AM, my timezone. So I have to endure the loss of my sleep, when I attend to most of them. But it is okay, because I am (as I said earlier) a nightowl. Night time is the very best time for me to get my work done. I love being up in the middle of the night, when my children are at sleep. Hole house is totally quiet. Lovely. No fuzz.

Next Step,

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This blogpost got to be filled with "goodies" today. Yeah! That is the way I like it, when I can help other people with GOOD STUFFS! This would be stuffs and sites that I have tested out myself. I would not dare to recommend sites and other features I have not tested myself. (Then I do not know what I am talking about. Right? The Biggest mistake You can ever make!) Okay. So, feel free to join in any of my recommendations.

My Business is - for You!

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