Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At any time you can, decide to alter the course, of your life. No one, can ever take that away, from you. You can do what you want to do - and be - who you want to be. Nature, is constantly at work around you. Character and destiny, are her handiwork. She gives you love and hate - jealousy - and reverence. You have the power to choose - which impulse you follow. While your character is formed by your circumstances - your desires - can shape those circumstances. The one thing over which you have absolute control, are your own thoughts. It is this, that puts you in a position, to control your own destiny. Your greatest power - is the power to choose.

As I think at this, what is coming to my mind is; Nature. Nature is likewise to me, as "The God and Goddess" in my surrounding influences as a believer in Wicca. The actual number of Wiccans worldwide is unknown, and it has been noted that it is more difficult to establish the numbers of members of Neopagan faiths than many other religions due to their disorganised structure. Well, enough of that. I will be back tomorrow. Maybe with some videos to present myself a bit more to you; my readers. I hope you noticed that I have changed my topbar on my blog. If not; check it out. Click my banner. It will always be there now - if you would like to join me... You are much welcomed!

Thank You, for reading my blog.
Welcome back!

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