Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution for 2009 & Twitter

I have been thinking, and it is hard and unsatisfying to NOT be able to get those money coming in... What do I do wrong? Or what do I don't do right? What should I do to proceed successfully?

I've decided to let 2009
to become my "learning-year".

- I am able to have the time to read, so why wouldn't I do it?
- I am able to read, so why wouldn't I read as much as I can?
- Do you have any advices for me, tips or trix, please *twitter* them to me.

So, my next step to start up the new year will be; to do a "Goal-map" for my dreams to forfill.
Of course I have a great software program to use for this purpose. But I think I need help with this part. To set up my goals. I will build web sites. I will do lots of image work. I will work on my texts. Advertising is a big part to work with also. I will start painting again. And writing my poems. Photographing a lot. Travel a little? Maybe. Meet people 1-on-1.

I will connect with the people thru Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM/AOL, Skype, MyFace, FaceBook, different communities and by mail and talk with who ever I feel can help me out, in any way. I will be polite and nice. I will start working with people instead of for them... That can't never be wrong.

"I have a dream..."

I will listen to many, many broadcasting shows
to learn
more - about much - as possible!
I will let people know, so they can join in with me.
... possibly thru my Twitter, so follow me during 2009.

I won't stress myself this year.

I will take good care of myself and my big, wonderful family!

Happy New Year
to all my readers...

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