Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do not attack your upcoming potential partners

Oh my - where should I start?...

I am so exited and it is accelerating all the time, along when I listen to one of the many radio shows at
BlogTalkRadio (BTR). This is a G R E A T place to hang out at; you learn SO MUCH, every time you visit. Every time! I L O V E BlogTalkRadio! I Really do!

Well, that depend on if you are positive or negative and if you are able to suck in all the good information and tips that you WILL get from this place.

-Are you able?
-Are you able to suck it in?

One of many
tips I got from "Perfect Networker" was to connect with people!

Prylen says:
"Don't throw you buisnesscard in other people's face! People don't like, when you do that!
You do not jump on to strange people on the street,, in the city and start babbling and rambling about YOUR business! Don't do it on Internet either. It's the same. It is the same."

Treat people as you would wanted to be treated!

With that said:

"This should not stop you from being exited and positive about your business!

Spread your word.
- but do it with love!

Begin with:
- getting to know those people that you are going to introduce your business to.
Really get to know them, every one of them. Become friends!

"Do not attack your upcoming potential partners"

Thank you for your time!

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