Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magical words!

I just discovered a "magical word" that gave me my first 100% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) word!!

I am NOT going to expose that exact word here in my blog (it is a secret!) but, I will tell you this: if you have a word that you are not completely satisfied with, you should reconsider to change it! Dramatically!! It makes very much difference when you advertising your business(es). The words ARE of great importance!! (i.e headlines)

BTW: I could tell you that I find this word-changing-game very amusing!! (that is what I like to call it). But then again: I really LOVE WORDS!

I have now establish following per % out of 18 different words:

0,00% - 2 times
20,00% - 1 time
25,00% - 2 times
60,00% - 3 times
66,67% - 1 time
75,00% - 1 time
87,50% - 1 time
100,00% - 3 times
125,00% -1 time
133,33% - 1 time
200,00% - 2 times

That's it for now!...

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